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Our nutritionist will come to your room to adapt your meals to your tastes, while taking into account the diet prescribed by your attending physician and any potential allergies. Your companion should notify the nutritionist in the event of half-board (dinner & breakfast) or full board formulas (lunch is considered as an extra meal).


The clinic has spacious and pleasant rooms of different standings with areas varying between 18 and 30 m², in order to welcome you under the best possible conditions. Showers, cupboards, benches, visitors’ corners, IPTV and WIFI are just a few examples of the means available to you in your room.

Cleaning & hygiene

Hygiene is a major concern in our clinic.
Thus, your room will be cleaned up to three times a day in accordance with the hygiene rules in force.
Besides, your bedding will be changed every morning, and more times if necessary.
We are committed to keeping your room environment clean and quiet so that you can rest. Rates for services are displayed in the room. For your convenience, we have put at your disposal a laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service.


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