Breast surgery

Breast augmentation using implants

Breast augmentation aims to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts.
This procedure is intended for patients who have poorly developed breasts or who have normal breasts but wish for more volume, or patients who have had a mastectomy.

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How to choose breast implants ?

The choice of breast implants is generally made in consultation with the patient according to her expectations.

The implant shape is very important, as it will identify the final breast shape.

What to expect during an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon before breast augmentation ?

Before surgery, a clinical examination will be performed in order to identify different criteria: height, weight, pregnancies, breastfeeding, thoracic and breast morphology, skin quality, etc.
A blood test and a radiological examination will be carried out while making sure that there are no contraindications to this procedure (history of phlebitis, pulmonary embolism, etc).

What recommendations should be followed before breast augmentation using implants ?

  • To stop smoking at least one month before and after surgery

  • Taking aspirin is prohibited during the 10 days preceding the surgery

  • To disinfect the skin using an antiseptic solution or soap the night and morning before surgery.

What are the precautions to be taken after breast augmentation using implants ?

After breast augmentation using implants, it is recommended to :

  • Not drive for at least a week.

  • Wear a supportive wireless bra 24 hours a day for 6 weeks.

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects or doing physically challenging exercises for at least a month.

  • Resume most of the activities after 6 weeks.

  • Avoid the exposure of scars to sunlight for a few months

  • Not take a shower or wet the bandage during the 48 hours following the procedure.

  • Avoid baths and swimming pools for at least 6 weeks after the surgery.

Breast Lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is a technique of breast augmentation using autologous fat.
This surgical procedure aims to improve the body shape, by removing fat from specific areas through liposuction and reinjecting it into the breast for more volume.

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Who is this breast augmentation technique for ?

Breast lipofilling is intended for women having excess fat and wishing to increase their breast size by one cup without having to resort to breast implants.

In other words, extremely thin patients cannot undergo this procedure, as the body does not have enough fatty tissues to be removed and reinjected.

How to prepare for a breast lipofilling ?

A complete preoperative examination and a mammogram should be carried out.
An analysis of personal or family history of breast cancer should also be carried out.
A consultation with the anesthetist is necessary.

How is the intervention carried out?

In general, lipofilling implies 3 stages :

  • 1 : Fat removal through liposuction

  • 2 : Fat purification

  • 3 : Fat reinjection

Postoperative recommendations

  • It is strictly forbidden to take aspirin, anticoagulants, as well as certain food supplements during the 10 days preceding the surgery.

  • It is strongly recommended to stop smoking at least one month before and after the surgery.

  • It takes about two to three months to see the final result.

Breast reduction

This intervention aims to lift and reduce the breast’s volume.
It is a surgical intervention indicated for neck and back pain, static disorders of the vertebral column and shoulder or neck pain, in women who have mammary hypertrophy and women who have difficulties walking, running, sleeping or even dressing, because of their large breasts.

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Preoperative consultation

One or two preoperative consultations would allow the surgeon to define the patient’s motivations for resorting to this surgery.

The plastic surgeon performs a thorough medical examination while taking into account several factors, such as morphological data, skin condition, breast size, etc.

S/he should also make sure that there are no contraindications to this intervention.
A preoperative examination, a mammogram and a breast ultrasound will be prescribed for patients with risk factors for breast cancer.

Some recommendations should be followed before breast reduction :

  • Stop smoking at least one month before and after surgery

  • Stop taking aspirin during the 10 days preceding the surgery

  • Stop taking oral contraceptives

Postoperative effects

A special bra should be worn 24 hours a day for three weeks following the breast reduction procedure.

Sports must be avoided during the first six weeks.

The final result will be seen within 6 months after surgery.

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