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International patients

Since our Clinic first opened its doors, we have been welcoming, yearly, many foreign patients from Africa, Europe and North America (54 different nationalities/ countries).
We ensure special healthcare to our patients, by providing comprehensive high-quality services (reception at the airport, transfer to the clinic and to the hotel, post-treatment follow-up, etc.)

Contact information

For quote requests and information on our specialties and treatments, please contact us by:

Patient-centered care

Respecting the intimacy and privacy of our patients

We have taken all the necessary measures to protect your privacy.
Our staff have been trained to respect medical confidentiality and to work discreetly and effectively.

Psychological support

Our medical, paramedical and administrative staff at CLINIQUE LA ROSE are aware of the psychological impact of pathologies and disorders on our patients. Therefore, we attach particular importance to the well-being of our patients, which is an integral part of our mission.
We remain at their disposal for their support.

Your stay at the clinic

Your welcome

The entire team of LA ROSE Clinic remains at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help guide you through the various administrative procedures under the best possible conditions.

Your admission

Our highly-qualified staff at the admission office are specially trained to take care of you. To speed up the procedures of your admission to the clinic, make sure to bring the following documents to the admission office:

  • An identity document with your photo

  • Your insurance card or CNAM membership

  • Your health card

  • All your medical tests

  • Your medical prescriptions

  • An advance payment, the amount of which will be set according to your pathology.

  • Details of a trusted contact person.

Any insurance document must be provided no later than the last day of your stay in the clinic so that you can benefit from the reimbursement of costs.
Your medical record, created following your admission, will remain confidential and will not be disclosed by any means without your consent.
Indeed, your medical record is digitalized and secured enabling your attending physician real-time access.
Upon admission to your room, you will be asked to put on a wristband for your identification as a patient. You will then be asked to sign the consent. Our qualified teams will be at your disposal to ensure pain and medication management, fall prevention, haemovigilance and infection prevention, etc.


We suggest that no valuables be brought to the clinic so as not to damage or lose them.
The clinic shall in no way be responsible in this case. We, therefore, suggest that you only bring the necessary items.

In case you have brought any valuables, please contact the ward supervisor to keep them in the safe that the clinic has made available in each ward.

Leaving the clinic

Once your attending physician gives his/ her consent to your discharge or transfer, we will help you get prepared.

If you wish to leave against the doctor’s advice, you must first sign a waiver in which you acknowledge and assume all risks and dangers associated with your decision, which will release our establishment from liability.

Before leaving the clinic, please make sure to check with our invoicing department to get a detailed invoice indicating the costs of your stay at the clinic.

Should you have any questions about the invoice content, our staff will gladly provide you with the necessary clarifications. Our invoicing department will answer your financial questions, while our medical staff will answer your medical questions.


The safety of our patients is our priority, hence the interest in implementing a quality approach according to the Canadian standard.

Compliance with regulatory requirements and the accreditation process will enable us to manage our potential risks and remedy potential

A safety culture is being instilled with a view to declaring our AEs (adverse events), mapping our risks and monitoring our actions and

Your involvement is a pillar of continuous improvement of our culture and practices.

Your feedback is our material for work and continuous improvement.

Our team is at your disposal, do not hesitate to share with them your recommendations or complaints .

Regulations and instructions

Our internal regulations :

To ensure your comfort and safety, we suggest that you follow these tips :


  • Smoke.

  • Drink

  • Throw away food waste

  • Make noise

  • Show up in improper attire

  • Damage equipment

  • Tip staff

  • Eat foods other than those prescribed by your doctor

  • Park in front of the emergency ward door

Visit schedule :

To ensure your comfort during your stay, we suggest that the visiting hours be as follows :

From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m :

for patients in standard clinic rooms

From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m :

for intensive care patients

Visits to the intensive care unit must be approved in advance by the intensive care specialist. It is recommended that only two first-degree relatives visit the patient, while children under 16 years old are not entitled for visits.

Patient’s rights


  • Every patient has the right to the protection of their health in the best possible conditions, without discrimination on grounds of religion, sex, colour, age or socioeconomic position, while taking into account the specificity of certain categories of patients whose state of health requires priority care in accordance with the legislation in force, such as emergencies, disabled people, the elderly, children and pregnant women.

  • We are bound to welcome our patients and their companions and to provide them with the best possible services, while strictly respecting their rights and freedoms.

  • We make sure to provide our patients with curative and palliative care.

  • When having emergencies, we place a high priority on providing health services and dealing with administrative and financial issues afterwards.

  • When having emergencies, we place a high priority on providing health services and deal with administrative and financial issues afterwards.

  • We are bound to make available information and orientation panels and the means necessary for our patients to communicate their suggestions for study, and we undertake to consider and answer their observations and complaints.

  • We are bound to take appropriate measures to facilitate the access of disabled people and people with reduced mobility to their sites and to help them benefit from the services that we provide, under the best possible conditions.

  • All patients are free to choose the health establishment where they will be cared for within the limits of the available options while considering the specific provisions provided for by the various pension, social security and health insurance schemes.

  • Patients are required to comply with their obligations towards our establishment and our staff and to abide by the laws and procedures in force to this effect.