What is Cancerology ?

Cancerology (also called oncology) is a discipline practiced by a cancerologist or an oncologist. It is dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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The importance of cancer screening :

Screening consists in identifying one or more risky diseases or abnormalities in individuals, using tests applied in a systematic and standardized manner. More precisely, screening makes it possible to detect anomalies before their evolution, enabling their early treatment.

Persons at risk :

  • Persons with a family history of cancer

  • Overweight persons

“Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in Tunisia, followed by cervical, bowel and lung cancers”.

  • Breast cancer screening is performed through breast examination: performing a mammogram or a breast ultrasound.

  • Cervical cancer is detected through clinical examination and by carrying out a Pap smear.

  • Bowel cancer is diagnosed following physical examination, colonoscopy and biopsy

To diagnose cancer and define its different stages, the oncologist reviews results of radiological scans and clinical, biological and anatomopathological examinations.

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How to monitor cancer patients?

Monitoring should be regular and visits should be considered and scheduled.

Recent studies have confirmed that cancerous diseases can be avoided by maintaining a balanced diet, practising sports and
avoiding smoking, drinking and drug abuse.


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